The Four Pillars

This ministry was started in 1994 and is based on four pillars: Family/Church, Education, Government, Media. Within these pillars, My Refuge operates its ministries.

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My Refuge is committed to the sanctity of marriage and preservation of the family. "A strong family will develop a strong nation"

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People generally assume the information received from education, government and media to be true facts and are "Carved in Stone" truths. Based on this fact, the church must engage in leadersip in these mind molding areas. My Refuge is committed to make an impact in this area. Our Radio Show "Eyes on the Nation" is an example of this principle.


Richard served as Chairperson of Roaring Creek, Belize in March of 2004 - 2007. Click to see the role of Christians in Government

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My Refuge started the 1st Christian Radio Station in Belize. Today it operates 2 stations 93.7 Roaring Creek & 100.5 Belize City

Belize Gospel Expo an ongoing project of ours.

An annual concert/show for the purpose of impacting and mobilizing the youth/people of Belize to continue walking in faith.


Eyes on the Nation Our daily talkshow.

Every morning, monday to friday, we take time to discuss the events happening in the country of Belize, especially how it affects us on a spiritual level.


Taking Back the Land Our Annual parade.

Each year, during September, Belizeans celebrate their independence from Britain. During this time of festivity, we march throughout the capital proclaiming godly values.